Books illustrated

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1980 Under the Hawthorne, Dent Publications.

1982 The Monk, Monk Lewis, Folio Society.

1983 Folklore and Myth Anthology,
Readers Digest Publications.

1984 The Folio Shakespeare, Folio Society.

1989 Shakespeare's Sonnets, Folio Society.

1993 Dr Faustus, Christopher Marlow, Folio Society.

1991 The Professor, Charlotte Bronte, Folio Society.

1998 Canterbury Tales, Folio Society.

1999 Felix Holt, George Eliot, Folio Society.

2001 Rob Roy, Walter Scott, Folio Society.

2004 Poems of Rudyard Kipling, Kipling, Folio Society.


Glenmorangie Series
Wood engravings for packaging, advertising,
murals, point of sale.

Animal engravings for 'virtual museum' Taiwan

Writings on engraving

1984 Approaches to wood engraving,
Royal College of Art Thesis, RCA Library

Colour Wood Engraving, Royal College of Art Thesis,
RCA Library. Leon Underwood, Fleece Press.

Matrix 5, Recent Developments in Wood Engraving,
G Tute, Whittington Press.

1985 Editor Society of Wood engravers newsletter, 1985, 1986.

1985 Woodengraving, Mini Book Series, Fleece Press.


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Midas Books.

1982 STE Lawrence, Boxwood Blockmaker, Fleece Press 1982.

1994 The Woodcut in Britain 1890-1990, James Hamilton,
Barrie & Jenkins.

1998 The Dictionary of Artists in Britain since 1945,
David Buckinan, Art Dictionaries.

2002 An engravers Globe, Simon Brett, Primrose Hill Press.

2003 Who's Who in ART, The Art and Trade Press.

2007 Pictures in an Academy, Redcliffe Press Limited

George Tute